Honour the Gods, Love your Woman, Defend your Country. Pray in the temple of iron. Train your body to fight. Don't watch degenerated porn.

The aesthetics of The Golden One is inspired by mythology, folklore & red ice. The designs are high testosterone with messages against the current paradigm.

A country which has been ruined cannot support parasites. It can be regrown if the roots of its people have survived, but those without roots can play no part in its revitalization. Accelerationism. We must remember that by invoking chaos, we are not saving ourselves.

Depression and greed were smashing every single dream of theirs minds; The Hammer of Thor; and then The Golden One arrived.

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① Take a Deep Breath and Honour the Gods

② Move Your Mouse

③ Smash Every Single Dream of Theirs

④ Feel the Strength of your Blood

⑤ Focus and Defend Your Country